Here at Lindvest, We’re Doing It Differently

July 19, 2019

Lindvest has been building new homes for decades. We’ve built communities in Toronto, Vaughan, Newmarket, Brampton, Markham, Oakville and more. From the very beginning we have aimed to make those homes as unique as the customers we serve — It only feels right that our messaging would encompass that idea as well. Coming to life in September 2019 is a new way of doing things for Lindvest. The goal is to have our voice stand out from the pack because we have taken what is common in the industry, and decided to Do It Differently.

The Challenge

If you were to really focus in on the advertising and marketing put out by the majority of GTA home builders, you would notice quite a few similarities in the messaging and overall feel and visual appeal. Pictures of happy families hiking with their dogs, stunning renderings of new homes, beautifully written taglines that use different variations of words like “life” and “build”. What would stand out from all of those similarities? Probably not much. Lindvest has decided that we want to do something that sets us apart from others in the industry and pulls our messaging out from the sea of similarity.

The Plan

Our new message of Do It Differently will be seen across billboards, televisions and digital media throughout the GTA. The message will weave its way into our branding, our website, our social media platforms and more, and will communicate with a tone that will be as energetic, vibrant and charismatic as the people whose attention it is intended to capture. Our imagery will focus on the bold personalities of the customers we work and interact with on a daily basis. Lindvest wants to make a strong statement that differs from what home buyers normally see from home builder marketing, and replace it with something that represents the individuality and character that the new home owner sees in themselves.

The Reason

We know there are people out there who aspire to carve out their own unique path in life. For those people who are truly dancing to the beat of their own drum, we want to provide a home buying experience that is as unique and special as they are. We want our customers to feel the experience they have with Lindvest is inherently different versus the experience they would have with any other home builder, in such a way that makes them feel that their uniqueness is noticed - because it is.

The Goal

There is more to it than attempting to sell the most homes - the real goal is for us to better ourselves so that we are able to provide our customers with the best home buying and ownership experience in the GTA. The message of Do It Differently is prescriptive; From the top, down, it will touch every level of Lindvest as a company. It will start with our advertising and branding, but it won’t end there. It will become the golden thread that weaves through and connects every aspect of Lindvest, from our advertising to every member of our dedicated and enthusiastic home building team — including architects, sales, construction management and customer service. Keep your eyes peeled for when the campaign launches in September. We want all of our customers to see and feel that everything we do is done with integrity, pride, consistency and energy - but above all – that we’re doing it differently.

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