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About Lindvest


Our Company History

Lindvest is a Toronto-based real estate development organization with deep roots, spanning six decades in the award-winning, highly-reputed H&R family of companies. Founded in 1998, Lindvest is committed to preeminent leadership in the real estate sector, maximizing stakeholder investment by developing well-planned, innovative communities.


Our Mission:

  • Choose established, up-and-coming locations that appreciate in value.
  • Design for real people through architecture and interior design that's beautiful and functional.
  • Deliver the highest level of construction, using quality materials and proven methodologies.
  • Continue earning the respect of our homeowners through our responsiveness and honesty.

Our Mission

A Toronto-based real estate development organization with deep roots, spanning six decades in the award-winning, highly-reputed H&R family of companies, Lindvest has designed and built diverse, successful developments in neighbourhoods and towns across the Greater Toronto Area.

As a company, Lindvest strives for excellence in all spheres of its business. Since our inception in 1998, we have been recognized for our excellence in planning, progressive urban design and high standards of construction, and have been successful in carving a niche in the competitive GTA new home market.

Another enduring value in the Lindvest universe is customer service. To fuel growth and success, we invest heavily in customer service. From the quality of our homes to our interactions with shoppers, buyers and owners, keeping you satisfied is paramount for us.

Whether it's a charming subdivision in a pristine setting or an iconic high-rise in the city, our award-wining communities are as vibrant and unique as the people who live in them. From convenient locations and beautiful settings to innovative designs and luxurious finishes, every detail of a Lindvest neighbourhood is rooted in our passion to help better your life.

Our Philosophy

What Matters Most

Lindvest cares about the way people live, cares about their hopes and goals, cares about the way they raise their families, and most importantly, cares about the world in which they live. As a company, we are constantly striving to create homes and communities that better lives. And this approach hasn't just earned us awards; it has helped us seal a special place in the hearts of the people we serve.

Detail oriented. Customer-focused. Quality conscious. Over the years these beliefs have guided Lindvest to create homes and communities that are examples of quality. And these have also earned us the recognition of our peers and industry bodies.

Did you know?

If you grew up in Ontario, chances are that you or someone you know has lived happily in an H&R home. In the past 60 years, they have built thousands of homes across Southern Ontario!

Our Story

Life Happens Here

At Lindvest, we're dedicated to improving the quality of your life by offering you a beautiful new home in an amazing community. Whether you live in one of our family homes or condos, we try to give you everything you need to live your life to the fullest.

LIFE: Live in a new home that's thoughtfully designed around your needs, offers tasteful finishes and is constructed to the highest standards of quality.

HAPPENS: Live in a new, modern, carefully planned community that offers the amenities, conveniences, and services you need and want.

HERE: Live in an excellent location in a neighbourhood that offers easy access to everything from green spaces to shopping.


2003 Home Builder of the Year 2010 Markham Community Design Grand Cornell 2012 Project of the Year, B.streets 2015 AURORA GLEN SALES CENTRE - BILD SALES CENTRE OF THE YEAR 2016 Urban design Award, B.streets