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News - Dig-to-Done: B.streets Topped Off in Style!

Published: August 22, 2013

August 21, 2013 was the big day B.streets officially topped off, and in the most stylish of manners. Tuxedos, canes, and top hats, because why not?! It was great to see the Lindvest team having a little fun with their celebration.

Construction progress at B.streets

As you probably know, for our Dig-to-Done series, we've been following the construction of B.streets ever since groundbreaking last September. It's crazy to think that about a year ago, they put the first shovels in the ground B.streets went up pretty quickly!

Hawkins explained, "We're pouring the last section of the roof, so the superstructure will be completed by Friday, and all we have left is the townhomes, which should be completed in about a week and a half."

Hawkins continued, "Windows came on Friday, so they're starting to install them on the second floor. Brick work started a week ago Monday. Precast, we started on the weekend - we put up 21 panels on the south side. The main power was turned on yesterday. Roofing will be the first week of September. Drywall and metal stud on the exterior is up to the fourth floor - they've been on site now for three weeks. And a lot of the rough-in, the electrical, mechanical, the core stuff is almost complete down there [second floor]."

As we walked around the second floor, it was really the first time we got a feel for how long B.streets actually is. Hawkins said that it's about 280 feet from end to end, and if you were to turn the building up on its side, then it would probably stand over 30 storeys high. So, even though the construction crew was celebrating topping off at nine storeys, they've put in way more work here than on an average boutique condo.


The above photo features (from right to left) Lindvest's Senior Project Manager Chris Hawkins, VP of Construction Peter DeBiasio, President George Hofstedter, Vice President Michoel Klugmann, Milborne Real Estate's Vice President Maryann Grace and CEO Hunter Milborne.