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News - Dig-to-Done: Brickwork at B.streets

Published: October 11, 2013

It's time for another instalment of our Dig-to-Done series at B.streets Condos by Lindvest Properties in Toronto! The last time we were at B.streets, it was to celebrate the topping off. Windows were just starting on the second floor, brickwork was just being planned, and a lot of the rough-in work was being finished off on the first level.

As usual, we met Construction Manager Chris Hawkins on site and he brought us up to speed.

"The fifth floor windows are about 50% complete, and we just started on the sixth floor," Hawkins explained. They've come a long way with the windows in just over a month, and since B.streets stands just nine storeys, all the windows should all be installed soon.

The concrete pouring for the lane homes is now complete. Hawkins' team accomplished that in just a couple short months. Now they are getting ready for the cladding, which is a special kind of panel being imported from Germany.

We went into B.streets to check out the metal studwork on the second floor. Hawkins explained that they are holding back a little on moving forward with drywalling because of the amount of rain Toronto has had recently, but as soon as there are a few clear days, they will start the process.

Hawkins continued, explaining that a lot is planned for the next three weeks. All the major mechanical equipment will be arriving. He also pointed out the scaffolding on the west side of the building where the bricklayers are working, saying that they will be done and off site by the end of October.

The next time we make it out to B.streets, we should see more windows installed, the brickwork will probably be done, and the major mechanical will be in the process of getting installed. Hawkins said that there may even be a fully drywalled suite to check out by mid-November!

Stay tuned - we'll be bringing you more news about B.streets in the next few weeks.